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#321-Tequila and Other Mexican Taste Treats
Location-Mexico-Guadalajara-central market/local restaurants/Puerto Vallarta-Fiesta Americana hotel/Tequila-Tequila Herradura

The blue agave fields outside of Guadalajara provide the core for one of Mexico’s most prized products-tequila. And of all the tequila producers, the most respected is Herradura. Come along as we take you inside the Herradura story from the fields, to the plant, to the table. You’ll never think of tequila the same away again. Meantime, in Herradura’s home town of Guadalajara, we’ll hit the market in search of local and indigenous treats, and we’ll visit a restaurant featuring a regional specialty-slow-cooked goat. Last, we’ll hop a plane for the short trip to Puerto Vallarta and a visit to the Fiesta Americana Hotel, one of the city’s finest.
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#322-Saintly Wines-Divine Nuts
Location: Napa Valley-St. Supery Winery/Fresno-Pistachios

At St. Supery, they’ve got a French owner, an Australian winemaker, and some of the best Napa Valley grapes to work with. It might seem an odd combination, but not when you taste the wine. Starting with shockingly good Sauvignon Blanc and ending with some serious Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Supery is making waves in the California wine scene, and we’re along for the ride. Downstate, outside of Fresno, we turn our attention to a seriously nutty subject, pistachios. Even wonder how these tasty little guys make it from the trees to your table? Well, wonder no more. We’ve got the inside scoop, including some awesome pistachio-based recipes.
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#323-The Lowdown on Lodi
Location-Lodi-Phillips Winery/Bed and Breakfast/Lodi Wine Visitors Center/Bakery/A&W

Lodi-you might come for the “old vine” Zinfandel, stay for the hospitality, and come back to savor it all again. The wines from Lodi are getting a serious reputation for being seriously good, and they don’t get any better than Phillips. Specializing in Zinfandel and Rhone Valley varietals, Phillips is a small winery scoring big points. Elsewhere in Lodi, we’ll stop by the brand new wine visitors center, grab some baked goods at a terrific local bakery that’s making the scene nationally as well, and discovery the first A & W Root Beer restaurant, which was right in the heart of Lodi.
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#324-Kentucky’s Finest
Location: Bardstown, Kentucky

When you talk about the finest Kentucky has to offer, most likely you’re either talking about thoroughbred race horses or bourbon. In this case, it’s bourbon. And, not just any bourbon, but the best the state has to offer-Jim Beam’s small batch bourbon collection. Experience the history, passion, and commitment involved in producing the highest quality bourbon around. We’ll visit with Booker Noe, a Jim Beam legend, and we’ll match the fantastic bourbons with some awesome food. As the title suggests, it’s the best Kentucky has to offer.
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#325-Wine Hunting in the Hunter Valley:
Location: Hunter Valley, Australia-Rosemount Winery, Tower Estate Winery and Tower Lodge/Adeliade, South Australia-Universal Wine Bar, Red Ocre

The Hunter Valley is Australia’s first wine region, and here you’ll fine both established wineries and upstarts. Rosemount is among the former, a great operation with long, deep Hunter Valley roots. Tower Estate belongs to the latter, a boutique operation with wines from all over Australia’s best wine regions and accommodations that are among the best in the country. From the Hunter, we’ll travel to Adelaide, the capitol of South Australia, and one of my favorite Australian cities. We’ll hit the Universal Wine Bar, a happening place to be sure, and Red Ocre restaurant, where indigenous Australian products get their day in the sun. It’s two sides of Australia, and they’re both delicious.
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#326-From Spices to Soy
Location: Cochin, India & Walworth, Wisconsin

This week’s show takes us half way around the world and back again as we travel to Cochin, India in the far southern tip of that vast nation then to Walworth, Wisconsin in the southern part of that state. In Cochin, we’ll explore native spices like pepper and indigenous cuisine like the Temple Cuisine of the Hindus. In Wisconsin, we’ll explore the ancient Far-Eastern product of soy sauce. Kikkoman has been producing soy for centuries and they’ve brought their time-honored products and methods to America and American kitchens. We’ll learn of the history and savor the flavors with some great American cuisine.
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